Chinese proverb:

When there is light in the soul,
there is beauty in the person.

When there is beauty in the person,
there is harmony in the home.

When there is harmony in the home,
there is honor in the nation.

When there is honor in the nation,
there is peace in the world.


My name is Rosanne Rusnock, and I am a teacher and practitioner of Feng Shui. I am also a certified Reiki therapist. Having applied Feng Shui to my own life and my clients’ lives, I have seen the amazing healing power environments can have on people. I offer Feng Shui consultations for homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces. I teach Feng Shui classes for groups of 3 or more people. Additionally, I have recently expanded my practice to include Life Coaching.

My mission is to awaken individuals to apply and capitalize on the amazing energy of the universe, resulting in a life that breeds harmony, health, happiness and success in the work place and at home.

Feng Shui is a tool to help us restore ourselves to our natural state of spiritual beauty. It teaches us ways to bring peace and harmony into our environment. According to Feng Shui, the places we habitually visit (home and work) are direct reflections of our internal world. This dynamic works in both directions. The more organized, beautiful, and lovely we make our outer world, the more organized, beautiful, and lovely our inner world becomes. By working with Feng Shui, we benefit ourselves and everyone around us. By creating peace and prosperity in our own lives we contribute to peace and prosperity in the world.

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Feng Shui is one of many techniques available to those of us who are on a spiritual path. When I learn about other opportunities for spiritual growth, I post information and links here. Plese click the banner below for information about the upcoming Celebrate Your Life conference in June.

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