Feng Shui Tip for 2021: A Personal Message From Ro

Most people don’t know the struggles that I've battled… low self-esteem, depression, financial burdens, divorces, and feeling like success and happiness was always just outside my reach.

Even though I was shy and introverted, and full of fear, I thank God I was self disciplined and strong-willed, determined to do whatever it took to stop struggling and start living a fulfilled, happy life.

Going forward I faced my struggles head on, the hard way, much harder than it needed to be. Looking back, I have fortunately learned many fundamental success habits that are very simple… Here's one of my systems that will add fulfillment and happiness to your life.

Clear Yourself For the New Year!

Each year I have a practice of letting go of the old and bringing in the New!
It is a powerful process that I have all my clients do as well. You release what you no longer desire to take with you into 2021 and are crystal clear of what you do desire to bring into your life for 2021. What we focus our attention on grows. You'll want to be very clear and mindful of what you are no longer keeping and what you are creating for 2021.

A few days before New Year's Eve, start contemplating what you want to let go of in your life. With the heading "Let go of once and for all", start making a list of the things in your life you don't desire anymore. For example on my "let go list" I have these and many more:

  • letting outside factors dictate my emotional state.
  • being hard on myself when I am learning something new
  • having credit card debt
  • focusing on "lack of" mentality
  • toxic people and list their names
  • limited thinking
  • being shy
  • playing small
  • being a neat freak but yet not a pig
  • ignoring politics because I feel I can't make a difference.

Make sure to add to your list those trivial things that may appear as" no big deal" yet can make you crazy:

  • getting upset when I walk in the kitchen first thing in the morning and the counters are not wiped clean from another person using the kitchen. (I am a neat freak) but yet it's ok if my mess
  • judging other people and making them wrong for doing things differently than me.All of these little annoyances take a toll over time and are often projected to others in unhealthy behaviors. Give yourself some time to list things that interrupt your peace of mind.On New Years Eve, write down all the magical things you desire to bring in. You can look at your "Let go list" and write down the opposite of your items on your "Magical things I desire to bring in" list. Such as:
  • I have the ability to control my inner state of being and choose happiness no matter what is happening outside of me
  • When I see something not as tidy or clean as I like, I happily clean it up. It only takes a second
  • I focus and contemplate on abundance and things I love
  • I love being wealthy and debt free
  • In 2021 I am bold and beautifully and effectively promote myself
  • I am informed politically and do what I can to make a difference.You get the idea. Now, this is the fun part. On New Years Eve, you are going to burn the "Let go of once and for all" paper and watch all your unwanted energy disappear into smoke.


Watch it as it burns and say thank you out loud to God and all your unseen helpers helping you release all that which is no longer serving you. PLEASE burn you paper in a very safe place. A Fireplace is a wonderful place and if you do not have a fireplace you can use a cooking pan or any other safe material to place your list in and then light on fire- OUTSIDE. Feel the lightness of your being and proclaim to God and the Universe that you are enough to receive all that is good and beautiful into your life.

Then, just before going to bed, read your "Magical things I desire to bring in" list out loud. Read it slowly and purposeful. Feel that these new behaviors and ways of being are already in you. Being this new person is just like taking on an actors role. It is standing in these new shoes of being and walking the talk and being willing to falter and fall and get back up again till you can do it easily as the new you. You can do this!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

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