Feng Shui-You 

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World Bring the Power of Feng Shui to Your Inner Being. Release Internal Blocks & Release Your Flow. 

Are You Living in a Self-Imposed Prison? 

We all have hidden beliefs or blocks keeping us from attaining our longings in our hearts and believe me when I tell you, I was right there, feeling sad, discouraged and feeling imprisoned by my own self imposed prison walls in my life. I know that feeling better than anyone else.....and happy to say I very seldom revisit those thoughts or emotions.  

And the same can be true for you too... 

Ready to Take Your Dreams From Vision to Reality?

Dear Reader, 

I have no doubt you have dreams for your future ...But nothing new can come into our life until we are ready to release the limiting beliefs and emotions that stand in the way.  

This is why I created Feng Shui-You. To help people connect with their true self through proper energy flow.  

It is from this place that your dreams can take form and manifest themselves in reality. 


Ro Rusnock Owner of Elements and Energy

I coach a new generation of women and men who are gifted, sensitive souls who are often times frustrated that they are not mastering their personal or business lives to the best of their abilities.  

That can change. If you’re ready to embrace change - and walk the path of change. 

The Benefits & Power of Feng Shui Brought to Your Inner World 

As a professionally certified practitioner of Essential Feng Shui for over 10 years I have had the honor of helping men and women create harmony in their living spaces through intentional arrangement.  

The ancient Chinese believed that energy (aka “chi”) could be released by aligning oneself with their environment and finding harmony in that space.  

It is truly amazing to witness this.  

However, the beauty and power of this practice extends past our 3-dimensional world. It also can be applied to our inner world.  

Here are a few examples of what can be experienced with internal Feng Shui: 

Released Guilt & Fear

Letting go of guilt and fear is a continual practice in order to stay in touch with our highest self. But if left unchecked we can quickly find years of “baggage” accumulating within our soul. This MUST be released.

Released Confidence

I believe you are already a confident being. Your confidence is simply blocked with limiting beliefs. 

Released Visions

"God and the Universe" does not give us visions for mere entertainment. They are meant to be realized. Feng Shui-You will allow you to believe.

Introducing The Feng Shui-You Program 

  • Cost of Program The cost of the program is $1,899 or 3 payments of $633  
  • Length of FSU Program The FSU (Feng Shui-You) Program is a comprehensive 12 week program that helps a person in releasing blocks internally which are keeping them from being their magnificent self.  
  • Live Meetings There will be a live 1-1 meeting every other week for 60 minutes. All meetings are held on zoom which allows for video chat and screen sharing. 

What You Will Learn

6 Laws of the Universe

Learn how to implement the 6 laws of the Universe to assist you in your journey through this life. 

Personal Meditation Training

Receive personal training in meditation and powerful grounding techniques to keep you on track and focused on your amazing life!

Learn How to Harness your Feminine Power

See how people will respond differently to you and how you will attract the kind of people to you, you have only dreamed about attracting!


Homework assignments will be given each week to instill what you are learning. Ro will personally review your work and give feedback as needed. 


Who We Work With

Elements & Energy works with men and women that would like to discover and create more peace, focus and balance in their lives.  

Here are some typical situations of clients that participate in internal Feng Shui work:

  • The entrepreneur whose creative flow is blocked.  
  • The single parent facing burnout, but cannot afford to stop the daily cycle of responsibilities to practice self-care.  
  • The man who wears many hats in both his professional and personal life and has lost a sense of self.  
  • The person whose marriage is coming to an end and needs to create a new identity (or maybe create one for the first time).
  • The selfless caretaker that is ready to practice self love but doesn’t know where to start. 
  • The individual that's trying to combat feeling of emptiness and self-worth with external accomplishments and pleasures, but nothing seems to work. This can only be solved internally by doing personal "work." This is what inner Feng Shui can accomplish for you.

What Will Be Required to Fully Participate In Feng Shui-You? 

Show Up: The success of the program rests on your commitment to “show up.” This includes making all meeting times and completing homework assignments.  

Speak Your Truth: Only YOU can share your truth. It is therefore your responsibility to share your truth in our private meetings. Don’t hold back.  

Own Your Life: There is no book, program or guru that has the power to change your life. YOU are the only person that can change your life. I’ll work with you - but you must own your life and do the work.  

Now Is Your Time Ready to take the first step? 

What Happens Next Will Surpass Your Expectations.