9th Annual Vision Board Party – Teenager




9th Annual Vision Board Party
Set Your Intentions for the New Year!!

Doors will be open at 12:30PM. so come early and get your seat. We will be starting the party with a short guided meditation to get grounded and clear of our intentions and dreams for 2019 so PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL. If you know you can not be in your seat at 1:00PM, come a little later so not to disturb the group meditation.
You are invited once again to play with Feng Shui expert, Ro Rusnock, for the 9th Annual Vision Board Party.
Every year our group of amazing women, men and teenagers come together to intentionally create their upcoming year from their dreams and intentions. Did we mention how much fun it is to create your life with other heart centered, powerful individuals who are creating their lives right before your eyes? Listen to the testimonials of those who made their vision boards and watched their dreams come true throughout the year!!!

Mark Your Calendars Now! More information to follow to purchase tickets.

BONUS: Enjoy a lesson in using Feng Shui on your vision board with Ro.
Cost: $30/per adult and $20/per teenager

Bring with you: Plain poster board or canvas board, glue, scissors, a healthy dish of food to share, magazines, letters, words, inspiring emotions, your daughters and sons, sisters and friends. We will provide beverages, plates, utensils and napkins.

For added value to your experience, Ro recommends bringing a letter, in a sealed envelope, describing to yourself how your ideal 2019 was, felt like, and what you experienced.

Here is an example: “Dear Me, I am so happy and grateful that I listened to my intuition and followed it! Even when I didn’t like what it had to say, I still honored it, knowing it had my highest good at all times. I gave up foods and people that I know we’re not good for my beautiful body, heart, soul and mind. I exercised at least 3 times a week, doing something I really liked so I always felt like I was playing. I encouraged myself to try different experiences and get out of my comfort zone because I know when I am uncomfortable that is when I am growing the most. I applaud myself for asking for exactly what I wanted this year, standing up for myself and empowering myself to go for it. I made sure to surround myself with people who love me and appreciate my authentic self. I took on the belief that this I a friendly Universe and that God and the Universe are ALWAYS working behind the scenes for my highest good!
I am so proud of myself over the course of 2019 for pushing past my fears and living my life in technicolor!! I love you, Me!”

Get a head start contemplating what your desires are for 2019 and begin cutting out pictures now…pictures that inspire and motivate you for your best life….bring them with you the day of the event! Bring a picture of you to put on your vision board.

We look forward to seeing you again this year!
Remember to tell your friends!

“All creation first begins in the mind”


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