Magnetizing Your Dreams 12-Month Program


We will go over meditation, visioning, gratitude, each gua of the Bagua Map, the 5 Elements, understanding their psychological qualities and using them appropriately on your vision board and your home. You will have a much better understanding how the energy all around you is operating and how you are operating with it.

This year long training will show you how to pull in your desires and will give you tools you can use the rest of your life.

I have only 14 spaces left.

We will meet for our monthly calls on Zoom. They will always be on the last Monday of the month at 8PM.

For those of you have never been on Zoom, I will have the “Zoom start up call” and we will go over how to sign up for the free service and I will answer any questions you might have.



I am so excited to offer you the Magnetizing Your Dreams 12-Month Program.
In this program, I will teach you the latest scientific findings while working with the quantum field and taking you on a deeper dive to understand Feng Shui so you can magnetize your dreams. I am beyond excited for you to apply these findings to your life and get results.
Change can be very challenging for some. We are habitually programmed by our old habits of being and it takes mind power to change yourself. That is why I love this program. You and others on the hour long call will have me answering your questions. We meet the last Monday of each month at 8 PM and we will begin on January 27th!
This is my invitation to you.
The Magnetizing Your Dreams Program is not your average program where you primarily listen to me and take notes. This is an experiential program that allows you to understand how you create you life experiences with the quantum field. I will guide you on how to work with your intuition, listen to that small voice within and draw your desires to you.


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