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Speaker-Teacher & Coach

Elements and Energy Feng Shui and Coaching by Ro Rusnock

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Feng Shui: YOU

Ro coaches a new generation of women who are on a similar path as she was on. Her clients are gifted, sensitive souls who are oftentimes frustrated that they are not doing and being more in their lives. They want to make a lot more money, be seen in a much bigger way and be of significant service to their clients.

Take a moment to reflect on your life and bring to mind your goal of manifesting your work in the world and taking center stage and earning a lot more money.

We all have hidden beliefs or blocks keeping us from attaining the longings in our hearts.


Here's what you'll discover in the Magnetizing Your Dreams Program:

    • Implement the 6 Laws of the Universe to open up blocks and understand how you have been self-sabotaging your success!
    • Learn how to harness your feminine power at will and see how people will respond differently to you and how you will attract the kind of people to you, you have only dreamed about attracting!
    • Receive personal training in meditation and powerful grounding techniques to keep you on track and focused on your amazing life!
    • You will have homework assignments (on all the above) each week to instill what you are learning and monitor your progress!


Give your dreams for your future the opportunity they deserve to take root, grow and emerge into your life. Learn More.
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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a tool to help us restore ourselves to our natural state of spiritual beauty.

It teaches us ways to bring peace and harmony into our environment.

According to Feng Shui, the places we habitually visit (home and work) are direct reflections of our internal world. This dynamic works in both directions. The more organized, beautiful, and lovely we make our outer world, the more organized, beautiful, and lovely our inner world becomes. By working with Feng Shui, we benefit ourselves and everyone around us. By creating peace and prosperity in our own lives we contribute to peace and prosperity in the world.

Happy Clients...

My company has been hosting monthly wellness breaks for the past year, featuring a variety of topics and presenters who focus on physical and mental well-being. With the majority of our staff working from home during the pandemic, we wanted to host an expert in the art of Feng Shui who could help our employees optimize their home office space. We contacted the Western School of Feng Shui, which recommended Ro.

Ro was fantastic to work with and easily accessible. To prepare for our webinar, we organized a few prep sessions to cover logistics and content. She adapted well to our virtual platform and created a fluid presentation with rich images. On the day of the event, we were pleased with our virtual turnout; our audience was highly engaged with a plethora of unique questions and positive comments. We could not have been more pleased with the end result. Thank you, Ro, for your sharing your expertise!

Lisa Z. Discover Financial Services

Thank you SO much, Ro! Since my consult with you I’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen. You helped me make some minor tweaks in my Fame & Reputation area of my home and since then I’ve had so many referrals pour in!

You explained how we all have these areas of our lives that need some mindful attention and that it can be both energetic and actions. Just doing little things like following your suggested questions to ask myself as I cleaned out closets and drawers (they are different than any blog post on de-cluttering that I’ve ever seen) has made my clean-out feel good and there was NO doubt when I chose to let go or keep an item. Your question prompts helped so much! I love that you work with what I had already as much as possible and that I didn’t have to go and buy all new things, just a few items to replace or add to finish a room. I understand these different areas of my home / life so much better and will be mindful of nurturing them now that you’ve shown me easy steps to do this. It was REALLY helpful that you highlighted where to focus my efforts first ha ha… left on my own I might have started with things that are less significant. I’m still working on a few things but everything already feels so much better and without me saying a word, people I know will walk into my home and comment / ask “what’s different???” it feels so much better in here!

My favorite part was Ro identified that my Wealth & Prosperity area was my master bedroom and I still had the bed leftover after my divorce AND it was slatted (not solid) headboard. I bought a new headboard and bed (already planned this but now had even more reason to get it done) and within a week 6 new clients appeared out of nowhere. I hadn’t even advertised and kind of wasn’t fully “ready” with all of the website / calendaring system. You can’t make this stuff up. There were a few tweaks (furniture shuffling)  to fortify relationship connections with my kids that worked almost instantly. I look at my home differently and this awareness has created a sense of ease and excitement (business) for me. Loved the process, Ro is so gifted in how she communicates about Feng Sui. So. Grateful.

Lori Y.

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Rosanne Rusnock Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker and Life Coach

Ro Rusnock

Consultant, Speaker, Teacher & Coach

Bring the Power of Feng Shui to Your Environment and your Inner Being. Release Internal Blocks & Release Your Flow. Contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment. (480) 241-5805


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