Ro Rusnock, Owner of Elements and Energy

Helping Heart-Centered People EXPAND Their Energy and Impact

At the fundamental level of my programs is a core purpose - to contribute to spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness so that we may live in a more peaceful world. In order to achieve peace in our world, each one of us must take 100% responsibility in creating peace and wellness inside of us, before we can ever have peace on the planet.

Let’s start the journey in creating YOUR peace now.

I look at my life now, thoroughly fulfilled by a career, relationships, and gorgeous, harmonious environments that I love… and it’s hard to believe how different my experience was before I found my calling in Feng Shui.


I spent more than half my life trapped in a sense of worthlessness and fear. Yet, the seed for the blissful life I currently lead was planted during that time—at my childhood neighbor’s house, to be precise. When I was eight years old, doing homework in my chaotic family home, I struggled to find a pair of scissors for an assignment. Overwhelmed, I went to my neighbor’s house to ask for a pair. The scissors emerged easily in that beautifully organized home. It was that moment that defined for me what a peaceful, joyful life could be.

Fast forward to 1999: I attended Terah Kathryn Collins’ talk at Louise L. Hay’s Women’s Empowerment Conference. Terah’s talk took me back to my deepest childhood longing to live a life of harmony. Terah illuminated the fact that it was by following the principles of Feng Shui that I could free myself from my own turmoil and transform my life.

I studied Feng Shui avidly throughout the early 2000’s, earning my certification in Essential Feng Shui Consulting from the Western School of Feng Shui in 2009. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of using the art and science of Feng Shui to help heart-centered people create extraordinary and impactful lives from the outside, in.

Reshaping Residential and Commercial Environments
I consult with both residential and commercial property owners to make positive energetic changes, which help them create spaces they absolutely LOVE!

Helping Private Clients Thrive
Individuals who want to expand their leadership ability work with me so that they can be seen, inspire change, create wealth, and develop success habits to magnetize their dreams.

Creating Financial Abundance for Property Owners and Realtors
I have teamed up with JHeiland Interiors to Feng Shui and stage homes for realtors, commercial, and residential property owners to get the best sales prices FAST!

Neil Donald Walsh, Ro Rusnock, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Ray Davis.

Teaching Feng Shui for a More Conscious World
I facilitate the Western School of Feng Shui’s LIVE Immersion 6 Day Certification Program for new students to contribute to spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness.

If you’re committed to expanding your own life and the lives of those around you, yet you’re feeling stuck both outside and in, I can help. Contact me today to see how Feng Shui and energetic healing can give you the abundant, aligned, and joyful life you deserve!