Lisa Z. at Discover Financial Services:

My company has been hosting monthly wellness breaks for the past year, featuring a variety of topics and presenters who focus on physical and mental well-being. With the majority of our staff working from home during the pandemic, we wanted to host an expert in the art of Feng Shui who could help our employees optimize their home office space. We contacted the Western School of Feng Shui, which recommended Ro.

Ro was fantastic to work with and easily accessible. To prepare for our webinar, we organized a few prep sessions to cover logistics and content. She adapted well to our virtual platform and created a fluid presentation with rich images. On the day of the event, we were pleased with our virtual turnout; our audience was highly engaged with a plethora of unique questions and positive comments. We could not have been more pleased with the end result. Thank you, Ro, for your sharing your expertise!

Testimonial from Clarisse:

I have attended Ro’s Vision Board Party for years. It is a January event I would not miss. I love my interaction with intentions placed on each new year’s vision board. Over the years, my intentions have manifested. In 2017 I went through a divorce.

In January 2018, I placed a kitchen photo of what I would love in a new home. When I walked into the home I purchased, the kitchen layout with countertops and lights were exactly what appeared on my vision board. I am a believer. In December 2021, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer. Since I was in radiation and recovery at the time, I did not attend the vision board party in 2022. I told Ro that I would use my vision board from 2020 and would be back for the 2023 party. In the Earth section of the vision board’s Bagua Map layout, I placed a seated position yoga statue with an eye behind the photo. I placed my head shot on the statue as if I were in that seated position. I have decided to close my business this year. I have gone back to my roots and taken up yoga again. Since I stare at my vision board every day, I realized that my newly reinstated yoga practice has manifested on my vision board. I just smile. Thank you, Ro, for sharing your wisdom with me and all who attend.

Testimonial from Karen:

Meeting Ro for the first time was like being embraced by family. Our personalities immediately connected in a very high level. I recognized and could “feel” the powerful light of goodness, knowledge and vibrant energy that she has to share.I initially participated in Feng Shui classes with Ro and had my home evaluated. This was invaluable in identifying areas in my home to elevate the chi in my life. The changes were subtle but significant for laying the foundation of emotional and physical changes I was trying to make. Vision Board events were another layer in creating a “discipline” critical in my journey of moving through hard set mental blocks.

In these last couple years Ro’s personal coaching program was an incredible force in moving through the devastation of a cancer diagnosis. Her gentle but powerful guidance helped me view the potential for a new vision of my life. I began to not only understand that “everything was for my own good” but have the energy to achieve goals I never imagined. Most importantly, my work on all levels with Ro has made me attuned to living life in a very present way and filled with joy.

I look forward to continued learning opportunities with Ro to ignite the light within me even brighter!


Testimonial from Scottie:

Oh my goodness…I just adore Ro Rusnock and her positivity! She is one of those people who can light up a room simply by her presence. Ever since working with Ro my life keeps getting juicier in every way every day.

Ro flew to Oklahoma City and spent the week helping me and 10 of my friends raise the Chi in our homes.

You seriously cannot put a price tag on her time or advice. We made a bunch of changes, like moving my standing mirror from my bedroom. I had no idea my mirror was bouncing energy around while I slept at night and keeping me from getting a good night’s rest. My bedroom feels so much calmer now and my energy levels continue to go way up!

Ro is such a gift to the world and a friend for life.

Testimonial from Selina:

Private Work:

Working with Ro helped me use my voice in a more powerful way, in family as well as professional settings. Her loving, genuine approach invited me to open up and look at the deepest layers of my being. Ro is highly intuitive and is able to switch from what she had planned for a session to what the client needs in the moment. This allows for deep healing to take place. I love what we accomplished together in our sessions!

FengShui of my home:

I hired Ro to do an in-depth analysis of my home, because we were about remodel our bathroom. She helped me determine the colors and materials that would benefit the area of the home. Our bathroom is in the Wealth & Prosperity area of the house. Furnishing the space with rich woods and golden glass sinks created an incredibly soothing space, that makes me feel abundant each time I enter it. Left to my own device I would have chosen green tile and chrome fixtures, which would have been completely counter-productive for that area, essentially washing away wealth. What I particularly loved was that Ro was often available to answer short questions on the spot, if I was in a store, trying to make a decision on what tile or sink to pick. We made other adjustments throughout the house and my family was really excited about creating the changes. Whenever someone enters our home now, they often comment on the lovely, peaceful energy it exudes. I cannot thank Ro enough for her powerful guidance

Testimonial from Cindy:

Thank you Ro!

You really inspired me to find a way to rearrange my office to be in my power position. My head immediately felt more open.  I’m now really love sitting at my desk! You made me realize that I always sit facing the door – whether it’s at a restaurant, at meetings with clients, coffee with friends. Now that I think about it, the only place I don’t is at my kitchen table, but the door is clearly in my side sightline. I’m so appreciative.

I will definitely stay in touch and look forward to getting your notifications about upcoming classes

Warmest regards,


Testimonial from Marylou:

I recently completed 2 Coaching Sessions with Rosanne! The first one from October 2017- January 2018 which included personal mastery. The second session from February – April 2018 for business mastery. I am starting my own Feng Shui business and needed the expertise of Ro to guide me. I gained so much more confidence with the help of audios such as The Power & books like Ask and It Is Given, along with other resources and networking contacts Ro offered to assist me in starting my business. We met rain or shine via live Zoom weekly meetings. Ro is so dedicated to her clients. We even met while she was in NYC over the holidays and Denver while she was in training to further her career. In the first session Ro gave me weekly “homework” which I thoroughly loved doing.  The assignments were from her mentors as well as from Ro putting tasks for me to complete. She gave me daily charts from the series Mind Powers to fill out to help me stay on track.

The second session for business mastery inspired me to give my business a name and to create business cards and to turn in a big project to the Western School of Feng Shui for certification. I am telling friends, work associates and family about how much I have gained with Ro’s Magnetizing Your Dreams Program.


Testimonial from Tamara:

I have had the privilege to experience Rosanne Rusnock’s Magnetizing Your Dreams coaching experience. Nothing could have prepared me for how life changing this program would become. From the first meeting on it was if my life took off, my daily routines transformed, I manifested opportunities and people that would support and lead me to my next step on my journey. It was if all my blocks and stagnate energy had lifted. Rosanne has a gift in uncovering and bringing to the surface any blocks that may be stopping you from your life purpose. She highlights your life in such a gentle, inspiring way that you leave every session feeling refreshed. Ro has such a compassionate and warm demeanor she holds such a sacred space allowing healing and transformation to occur. She is an inspiring teacher, speaker and healer. Her Magnetizing Your Dreams coaching experience was well worth the investment, the biggest step is saying, “Yes” to yourself and this program."
~Tamara, Scottsdale, Arizona

Testimonial from Ronnie:

My husband and I recently enlisted the services of Julie and Ro of "Elements and Energy” when we were selling our home. Their expertise in design and Feng Shui enabled us to stage our home beautifully, without feeling that we had removed our home’s character and style. I believe their efforts presented our home in it’s best light and was a great contributing factor in attracting the right buyers. As a result, our home is now under contract and we are set for a close of contract this month. We would highly recommend Julie and Ro and their services.

Warmest regards,


Testimonial from Mark:

Rosanne is an expert in her field. Her consultations for our corporate headquarters and one of our satellite offices were spot-on, and we started seeing positive results immediately. I highly recommend Rosanne for corporate and individual consultations. For energetic solutions, we trust no one more than Rosanne and her team.

Testimonial from Shanna:

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your informative, extensive and FUN assessment. I really had no idea what to expect, but it’s been something I wanted to do for a LONG time. I have just gone through a HUGE change in my life, starting my own business, and felt like I needed to clear some things out in order to get un-stuck. We’ve lived in the same house for more than 10 years and some of the things you suggested are things I always wanted to do. But most were totally new and some were completely different than anything I would have ever done. We started that weekend by making only a few of the minor changes, bringing in some plants and moving some photos around and decluttering. Literally the very next day, business started to come from no where…and every day since, I can count on 1 or 2 calls that I was not expecting…all people wanting to do business with me! I’m totally blown away, and absolutely thrilled!!! My business is in a temporary space right now, but as soon as we have a permanent home, I will absolutely have you come in and assess my office. Thanks again, and I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know!!!

Testimonial from Lori:

Dear Ro-
Thank you so much for the "Live" training that you put together for us in Sedona. That format really made the training possible for me, and I so appreciate all the planning and arranging you did to provide us with a fascinating and nurturing experience. It was absolutely transformational, and I'm so, so glad I decided to join the course.

To have the opportunity for immediate exchange with other students and on-the -spot feedback and guidance from you was invaluable.
Everything you did to provide comfort and a rich and varied experience was very much appreciated by all of us in the class.

I'm really enjoying the unfolding of my Feng Shui journey, and I look forward to crossing paths with you again.

Thank you, dear Ro, for your wonderful vitality, enthusiasm, support, and knowledge.

Many blessings-

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